Thursday, February 19, 2009

GLOtoSLEEP™ Delivers Relief to Hollywood, The Town That Never Sleeps, But Wants to, in Pre OSCAR� Event

GLOtoSLEEP™ Delivers Relief to Hollywood, The Town That Never Sleeps, But Wants to, in Pre OSCAR® Event

Santa Cruz Holistics provides hundreds of GLOtoSLEEP™ visors; the life changing alternative to sleeping pills, to Hollywood's celebrities and media at the pre-OSCAR® event. With sleeping pills injuring hundreds of thousands of Americans a year, the GLOtoSLEEP™ is the ultimate non-drug sleeping solution and is the preferred mask of doctors, nurses, police officers and firefighters.

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2009 -- Santa Cruz Holistics (, the exclusive US importer of the GLOtoSLEEP™ sleep visor, affirmed its continued support of celebrities and those behind the scenes, by distributing GLOtoSLEEP™ visors at the Pre-OSCAR® Event at La Boheme in Santa Monica last week. Known as the 'viable alternative to prescription sleeping pills', GLOtoSLEEP™ was considered by many to be the 'star' of the show, because sleep, or lack of, continues to be a 'crucial' issue in 'the town that never sleeps, but wants to.'

GLOtoSLEEP non-invasive technology:

The GLOtoSLEEP™ is the ultimate sleep mask for hotels, spas, hospitals and recovery centers, because it's non-invasive technology ( induces sleep. Inside the recessed eye pieces are four rows of photoluminescent bars that glow a beautiful blue when charged with a light bulb, and when the wearer gazes up at them, the blue color clears the subconscious, and, the act of 'looking up,' an Eastern relaxation technique, converts the brain's active Beta waves to calming Alpha waves, so sleep can follow. The GLOtoSLEEP™ is made in a medical-grade facility in Los Angeles of hypoallergenic materials and is so soft and lightweight it can be worn comfortably all night. GLOtoSLEEP™ is also perfect for power naps and flights - Samuel L. Jackson uses his on the plane.

The must-have sleep solution:

"GLOtoSLEEP™ has become the 'must visit' table at our celebrity events," said Lisa Foster, a spokesperson for Santa Cruz Holistics. Continuing, "And we often have celebrities coming back to us with stories of how GLOtoSLEEP™ has literally changed their lives (" The hundreds of sleep deprived celebrities and media who were glad to receive their natural and healthy alternative to sleeping pills last Tuesday included: James Avery, Robert Davi, Christian de la Fuente, NAACP Image Award winner Menyone DeVeaux, Hector Elizondo (, Greg Grunberg, Nia Long, Ted McGinley, Sofia Melos, Catherine Oxenberg, Carrie Preston of "Vicki Christina Barcelona," William Shatner, and Glynn Thurman, to name a few.

Horror stories:

"Hollywood is a hectic place, and the problem almost everyone speaks to is not being able to turn their mind off at night, and when a new work day isn't far behind, it becomes even more attractive to turn to prescription pills, so it becomes a 'vicious' cycle, in more ways than one," explains Peter Mackeonis, spokesperson for GLOtoSLEEP™. Foster adds, "It's amazing to me how almost every other person we speak to at these events has a horror story about Ambien™." "GLOtoSLEEP™ often hears tales concerning a sleeping pill related accident or even a death," Foster continues. People just don't know what else to use to get a good night's rest, and this is where the GLOtoSLEEP™ comes in.

Sleep is such a huge problem:

Santa Cruz Holistics understands that their product has a wide appeal because sleep is a major issue in today's society. "Celebrities aren't the only ones who benefit from the GLOtoSLEEP™ mask," commented Foster, "Our client list includes police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, media people and even clinical hypnotherapists. "The producer at ABC Eyewitness News asked for masks for her station's news anchors after her team reviewed the mask in a recent segment," Commented Foster for Santa Cruz Holistics. And, GLOtoSLEEP masks are not just for adults: parents are buying them for their children because their minds are buzzing too. Melanie Griffith picked up a mask for she and her husband, Antonio Banderas and a third one for their daughter, and Rumer Willis ( dropped by to get two; one for herself and her sister." (see our celebrities at

GLOtoSLEEP™ is no stranger to the OSCARS®; it made its American debut in 2008 in the gift bags of the non-winning nominees. It appeared last spring at the George Lopez and Samuel L. Jackson National Kidney Foundation of Southern California Charity event and later at the Daytime Emmy gift suite in Beverly Hills and more recently in the gift bags of all the Superbowl XLIII players and their wives at the "Taste of the NFL."


GLOtoSLEEP™visors are currently available through quality online retailers, including (, (, ( and (, Santa Cruz Holistics is seeking individuals interested in spreading the message of drug-free sleep, to become freelance sales agents. GLOtoSLEEP™ visors are made in California from hypoallergenic lightweight materials - they weigh under an ounce - and the suggested retail price is $49.95. Those interested should email either lisa (at) glotosleep (dot) us or peter (at) glotosleep (dot) us, or call 831-840-3729.


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